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1. How To Get The Best Air Fare?
You need to act flexible to strike in a money saving deal on air fare as most of the offers are available for few hours, days or months. You need to compare the airline fares thoroughly and plan ahead as this is going to help you settle in for the best air fare.
2. What Are The Add-On Fees That I Might End Up Paying Extra To My Air Fare?
Most of the airlines will charge you extra for:
Preferred seats
Early boarding
Video entertainment
You might need to pay extra for advance bookings if the travel date is too close, get in touch with the airline staff to know more on this.
3. Can I Cancel The Reservation Made? Will I Get The Refund?
Most of the air fare reservations made are non-refundable.
There are many airlines that give you 24 hours to confirm the booking; failing to do so might automatically lead to cancellation for which you are not paid any refund.
4. What All To Avoid When Packing My Luggage Or Pack With Extra Care?
Well, there are a lot of things that you need to avoid packing or pack separately, these include:
Jewelry items or precious gemstones
Expensive electronic goods
Tour vouchers
Business documents
Original photos
Fragile goods
Most of the international air carriers limit their liability on the loss of such items; make sure that you pack them separately in your hand bag.
5. Can I Take My Pet Along?
There are many airlines that have a strict no pet policy, whereas many allow you to take your pet along. Check with the airline about the pet policy and also about the restrictions attached if you take your pet along.
6. What If I Forget To Carry My Documents For Security Checkup?
In case you have lost the ID on your way or even if it is at home you will be allowed to fly after giving in any extra evidence that declares your identity. If your identity is not verified, you will not pass the security check.
7. What All Do I Need To Know About Clearing The Security Check At Airport?
Security check is going to take longer that you expected, so be prepared. Make sure that you bring in all valid documents that declare your age and identity both. Cabin luggage is limited to one carry bag or hand bag or purse; else all would go into the cargo. Do not bring in any sharp thing as this might lead to a chaos during security check leading to more time wastage.
8. What Are The Options In My Flight Gets Cancelled?
Most of the airlines give you a rebook option if the flight stands cancelled. You will be given the option to rebook your ticket on the next available flight and this is not going to charge you anything.
9. Things To Check While Collecting My Luggage?
Make sure that your baggage has a tag on it along with your name. Report to the authorities in the bag is open or if the zippers or locks are broken. Check for all visible damage to your luggage carefully before you leave the airport.
10. Can I Travel With My Medication Or Medical Equipments?
Each and everything that you take is going to pass through the security screening. Make sure that the medicines and even the equipments are properly labeled and you have doctor’s documents in your handbag to show when asked for.

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